Tattoos for girls

At Funky Tattoo we do lots of tattoos for girls , here you will find some of our tattoos for girls.

“Armed” with courage, mentally prepared for what follows and, of course, with their best friend, today’s ladies began to cross the threshold of tattoos saloons more and more often, a reality that led to the apparition of a new category of tattoos, namely, tattoos for girls.

Fashion, whim, desire to stand out, to express itself in a novel way or simply out of passion for art? The reasons why representatives of the fairer sex choose to print on their skin a permanent drawing varies from person to person; the fact is that this method of body beautification “caught”, and is becoming more and more appreciated.

Trends in girl tattoos

Fashion trends, trends in makeup; Why wouldn’t there be trends in girl tattoos? Whether we refer to the model itself, the location, or the specific chromatic palette, we can say, based on what is seen of course, that there are certain preferences when it comes to all aspects mentioned.

In the section “the most popular images”, which are then turned into girls tattoos, by far the ones that involve: flowers, hearts, bows, fairies, feathers, birds, butterflies and other small similar creatures, zodiac signs or stars. As areas of location for these tattoos girls, we remember: the back area of the neck, wrists, lumbar area, one of the sides of the stomach, ankles and foot. And because most girls prefer colorful things, even tattoos couldn’t make the exception to the rule, they were often made in living shades and various combinations.

Girl tattoos: most popular pattern

And yet, if we were to make a top 3 of the most common models of tattoos, all three places would be occupied by… flowers, because the ladies love flowers, so there are few who opt for roses, cherry blossoms, lotus flowers or lilies when they decide to tattoo.

After all, individually drawn flowers or floral motifs combined with other equally delicate elements are an inspired choice when it comes to girls’ tattoos. Located anywhere on the body, the latter emphasize femininity, give a note of sensuality, beautify and highlight the area. In the case of these types of girls tattoos, it is recommended to use colors to accurately render flower-specific beauty.

Come at Funky Tattoo for girl tattoos

Whether it’s girls tattoos or other models, the question that bothers everyone who wants to feel the needle movement on the skin refers to the tattooing place where they can benefit from the talent, skill and light hand of an artist, i.e. the best conditions regarding the hygiene of the space

At Funky Tattoo, the tattoo saloon in Bucharest, you get all these things, as well as a welcoming atmosphere, where tattoo artists wait for you so they can put on your skin what you have in mind, be it one of the models of girl tattoos , or other types of images.

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