Price Tattoo
Black & White / Color

250 RON

Tattooing hour

Price tattoo
realistic and portraits

300 RON

Tattooing hour

Workmanship piercing prices

*** The price of the Workmanship doesn't include jewelry

  • Industrial piercing price: 120 RON
  • Earlobe piercing price: 60 RON
  • Children earlobe ( 0 -16 old) piercing price: 100 RON
  • Bridge piercing price: 100 RON
  • Eyebrow piercing price: 80 RON
  • Lip piercing price: 80 RON
  • Smiley piercing price: 80 RON
  • Nose piercing price: 80 RON
  • Septum piercing price: 100 RON
  • Belly piercing price: 100 RON
  • Cartilage piercing price: 80 RON
  • Conch piercing price: 100 RON
  • Snug piercing price: 120 RON
  • Tragus piercing price: 100 RON
  • Rook piercing price: 120 RON
  • Flat piercing price: 100 RON
  • Tongue piercing price: 100 RON
  • Snake Tongue piercing price: 150 RON
  • Nipple piercing price: 120 RON
  • Female private piercing price: 200 RON
  • Male private piercing price: 350 RON
  • Private piercing change price: 60 RON
  • Cheek piercing price: 100 RON
  • Surface piercing price: 120 RON
  • Complete micro dermal price: 250 RON
  • When you want to make an appointment you must have the ID.
  • If the appointment is not respected, the money paid in advance will not be returned
  • Other prices displayed on other online media related to the Funky saloon are void and cannot be taken into consideration.

Like any other quality work, the making of a tattoo costs. In terms of tattoos prices, there are a number of criteria based on which the final cost of such a work is decided. Also, a technically impeccably made tattoo combined with the talent of the tattoo artist is a more expensive one from the start, but which ultimately deserves every penny invested. Within this section, we want to inform you of the issues that are taken into account in setting these tattoos prices, as well as the tariffs charged by Funky Tattoo in terms of tattoos, but also in terms of piercing pricing.

Pricing Criteria for tattoos

First, it should be noted that in all cases, there is a tattoo price from which the final cost start, the so-called starting tattoos prices that can increase depending on several criteria:

  • Tattoo size : the size of the tattoo is expressed in square cm and is obtained by framing the desired drawing into a geometric figure usually a rectangle, and the calculation of its area (length x width). The final result of the area is multiplied by the price per cm
  • Hours needed to complete the tattoo, which may be more or less depending on the complexity of the desired drawing. As a rule, in saloons in Romania, an hour to tattoo costs 250 RON;
  • Place of location and hence the difficulty of execution: some places are easier to tattoo (back, forearm, calf or abdomen), while other areas are heavier (for example ribs);
  • Presence or lack of colors: a colored tattoo costs more than a black and white one.

Tattoo Prices at Funky Tattoo

At Funky Tattoo, we provide reasonable tattoos prices, in accordance with the trend that exists on the Romanian market, prices which, of course, vary depending on the criteria presented above.

As for the starting price, it is 250 RON, while the price per hour is 250 RON.

For realistic tattoos, photorealistics, portrait tattoos or 3d tattoos the price is 300 RON per hour.

For an estimated tattoo price, we need some details about the tattoo you want: model, size, preferences for shades (black and white or color). It is worth mentioning that the correct dimensions of a tattoo vary depending on the model, if any, our artists can intervene on this issue.

At Funky Tattoo we not only put into practice what the client wants, but also guide him to the best choice for the tattoo achieved to be a successful one. For example, if you want a complex tattoo, we'll advise you not to make it "big" the size of a walnut, because all the details will be blurry, and the tattoo, just a stain on your body.

Also, to ensure fair tattoos prices, sometimes we break the rules and determine the final cost according to each case, such as the model of large and simple tribal tattoos which, although they have considerable dimensions, and therefore cost more, are very easy to execute and take less hours. In this case, we create a balance so that the final price is as fair as possible.

Piercing prices in the Funky Tattoo saloon

If when it comes to tattoos prices, things are a little more complicated, piercing prices are determined according to the area of the body where they want to be mounted.

The final cost does not enter the price of jewelry, if you want to purchase them from the Funky Tattoo saloon we offer several types of earrings, which are available in a wide range of models.

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