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A bunch of artists who fulfill dreams

Funky Tattoo is a tattoo saloon with location in Piata Romana. At the heart of its establishment was, first and foremost, the founders' passion for the art of drawings printed on the skin. Secondly, we can say that another reason that led us to create this saloon, was the large number of people who wanted to get themselves special and unique tattoos, made by real professionals who, besides skill and ability, have high performance, state-of-the-art equipment that comply with the health rules laid down by law.

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Tattoo Expo Convention Craiova 2019

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la Cel mai bun Tatuaj Color
Locul 1 la Cel mai bun Tatuaj Color
Locul 1
la Cel mai bun Tatuaj Mare
Locul 1 la Cel mai bun Tatuaj Mare

International Tattoo Convention Bucharest 2018

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Locul 3 la categoria Best COLOR REALISTIC Tattoo

International Tattoo Convention Bucharest 2016

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Best NEW SCHOOL Tattoo
Locul 2 la categoria Best NEW SCHOOL Tattoo
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la categoria Best CRAZY Tattoo
Locul 3 la categoria Best CRAZY Tattoo

What types of tattoos do we make?

Depending on the preferences and requirements of each of you, the specialists of our saloon will offer you personalized solutions, making sketches as similar as possible of the drawing you imagine. Regardless of the area of the body you want to tattoo (neck, back, hands, forearm, foot, etc.), the pain you will feel will be decreased in intensity.

We welcome you with various concepts "new age", but also "old style", being able to make any tattoo model, no matter how complex it is. The size, color and style of tattoos we make are aspects that do not make our work hard, on the contrary, it makes it original and creative.

We have high-performance equipment!

Making tattoos has never been less painful! We know that one of the reasons many people avoid getting tattooed, although they want it, is fear of pain. Well, by crossing the threshold of our saloon, this is going to be a matter of the past.

We use equipment with a needle beat increased to 4 mm, which have an engine with increased power and speed. They are used by a team of well-trained and competent professionals with a special skill.

Whether you want a 3D tattoo or a classic tattoo, at Funky Tattoo in Bucharest you will receive special attention as well as the expected results.

Choose Funky Tattoo for original tattoos!

If you are looking for a saloon where you are treated with seriousness, kindness and in a professional way, we invite you to cross the threshold of the Funky Tattoo saloon in Bucharest. You will be pleased to discover a cohesive team, passionate about what it does, creative and efficient, for which the thanks of its clients is the most important.

If in the past, tattoo making was an expression of rebellion, we can now say that they represent a reflection of everyone's personality, a mean of personal expression, materialization of emotional symbols, a fashion statement or even a way to stand out.

Every customer who uses our services wants to have an original tattoo so as to stand out from the rest of the enthusiasts. If the tattoo models available in our rich and diversified catalogue do not suit your tastes or if you simply want to modify them or tattoo a whole other drawing that has a certain meaning for you, the Funky Tattoo team is open to any challenges, being able to carry them out with the utmost professionalism and responsibility.

You decided to tattoo; you chose the model, the location area, the dimensions; There's one more thing you have to decide on...


This is What We Do!

To facilitate your mission of choosing a tattoo, we come up with ideas, proposals, information and tattoo patterns.


Coloured tattoos, black and white tattoos, that matters less... At Funky Tattoo, you find skilled artists capable of printing any pattern on your skin.

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Body Piercing

The well-trained and competent staff of our saloon will make sure to provide you with all medical information concerning the body piercing process.

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Tatuaje Cosmetice

FunkyTattoo saloon has qualified personnel for performing the micropigmentation procedure, as well as pigments for obtaining semipermanent makeup by the book

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