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Are you looking for a tattoo and body piercing saloon in Bucharest where you can benefit from attentive, professional, high quality service?


Coloured tattoos, black and white tattoos, that matters less... At Funky Tattoo, you find skilled artists capable of printing any pattern on your skin. Read more…

Body Piercing

The well-trained and competent staff of our saloon will make sure to provide you with all medical information concerning the body piercing process.Read more…

Cosmetic Tattoos

FunkyTattoo saloon has qualified personnel for performing the micropigmentation procedure, as well as pigments for obtaining semipermanent makeup by the book.

To facilitate your mission of choosing a tattoo, we come up with ideas, proposals, information and tattoo patterns

I want a tattoo appointment

For inspired, personalized and funky, we are waiting for you in our saloon, FunkyTattoo, to make your dream come true.

Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoo models are preferred precisely because of this area of the body that offers several options for placing the tattoo: wrist, inner part of the forearm, outer part from side to shoulder, or effectively all hand, so-called sleeves

Back Tattoos

Due to the available space, the back ensures the creation of large drawings, with a high level of complexity and many well-highlighted artistic details

Leg Tattoos

The main advantage of foot tattoo models refers to the possibility of covering them; in other words, you can have a big and discreet tattoo at the same time that "sees" the daylight only when you want to.

Forearm Tattoos

Forearm tattoo models are especially preferred by men, being a place chosen by them mainly because of the visibility they offer to the chosen drawing. It represents an area easy to tattoo because it is a smooth surface

Neck Tattoos

In terms of neck tattoos, the most sought after models are those made on the back of the head, the latter being preferred especially by the girls, because they offer the possibility of covering the tattoo by simply leaning the back of the hair. Other models of neck tattoos are those located on the side, or just below the ear.

Name or writing Tattoos

On the principle: the classic will never go out of fashion, we can say that even the so-called name tattoos will not know anytime soon the period during which they will no longer be required by the clients. Name tattoos refer to any combination of letters, in any language, that ranges from a person's name, musical bands, etc., to longer mottos or quotes.

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