Tattoo Writings

Do you want to get tattooed writings that contain the names or initials of a loved one? We invite you to cross the threshold of the Funky Tattoo saloon in Bucharest. Here you will meet a team of professional and experienced artists who will advise you in such a way that the choice of word or phrase, the type of characters with which to be printed, of the body area, size, colors, etc., are the ones that correspond your preferences so that later you won’t regret getting tattooed.

Why choose tattoo writings?

This type of tattoos will always be perceived as an overwhelming symbol of an authentic feeling or a belief or ideologies you guide yourself to in life. There are a lot of texts you could choose to be tattooed, texts that talk about the present, but also about the future or the past. Some of them, beautiful in form and content, were spoken by famous people and enlightened minds, which makes them even more the ideal choice.

You can choose for tattoos writings printed on your arms, ankles, legs, back, neck, etc., depending on your preferences and the size of the text to be tattooed.

About tattoo writings

An image can be extremely suggestive, but well-chosen words can be an inspiration to anyone, having the potential to move mountains out of place, confessing everything about us and the environment. Of course, the mottos, names, words and slogans in foreign, exotic languages are always in high demand. Of these we mention: Japanese characters and Chinese inscriptions, texts in Latin, Sanskrit, farsi, etc.

Before you get tattoos writing, you have to think beforehand and choose a text that represents you or that you believe in.

Funky Tattoo makes novel tattoo writings

Tattoos can represent either a fad or a form of coming out of anonymity or a form of expression, but they will always have a meaning that lies behind them. These writing tattoos have the ability to make an incursion into the uniqueness and specificity of each person, explaining to themselves why each understands a text differently. Text tattoos can be inspired by books, songs or other appreciated sources.

If you have not yet decided on a word or words to be tattooed on your skin, Funky Tattoo specialists will help you identify those that delight you and enjoy every time you pronounce them. There are a lot of examples of tattoo writings, they come either from distant or less distant eras or from the modern world.

Funky Tattoo – your tattoo saloon

Because these writing tattoos are permanent, Funky Tattoo artists in Bucharest make sure that you opt for a model that pleases you and never get bored with. We will achieve it with high-performance equipment, in a sterile environment where your health will not be endangered.

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