Color Tattoos – Black and Grey Tattoos

You decided to tattoo; you chose the model, the location area, the dimensions; You have one more thing to decide on, namely, the use of colors or the tattoo in black and grey. When it comes to this, most people face the same dilemma: color tattoos or black and grey tattoos?

Much has been said about color and black and white tattoos; there are many theories and myths related to the healing process of the two, time resistance, etc. However, there is only one thing you should consider when faced with such a decision.

Color Tattoos, Black and Grey Tattoos: A matter of preferences

In the leather printed drawing industry, there is no “discrimination” between color and black tattoos or certain trends in this regard. At the discretion of the person to be tattooed.

About color tattoos they say that they last less over time, that they need to be rebated more often than black and white tattoos, that it heals harder, etc. Well, these things can also apply to black and grey models as well because, in the end, it doesn’t matter if they’re polychrome or not, it matters how, and if you take care of them.

It is known, the number one “enemy” of tattoos is the sun, the long exposure, without adequate protection, leading over time to bleaching of tattoos of any kind. Furthermore, resting in the sea or pools with high chlorine concentration affects any tattoo over time. So you can have a black and white tattoo for 1 year and look like a 5-year-old tattoo, or a 5-year-old color tattoo, and look like a 1-year-old tattoo; depends on how you take care of him.

And yet: color tattoos or black and grey tattoos?

The decision to opt for color tattoos or black and grey tattoos can sometimes be influenced by several aspects, namely: the pattern of the tattoo in question, the dimensions, and most importantly, the shade of the skin.

For example, color tattoo models look best on the open skin, where any shade of color will be a vibrant, powerful, intense one. On a skin tanned or darker in color, shades are paler, and certain pigments can get a different color over time. This does not mean that people like this cannot get some successful color tattoos, opting for the right shades and avoiding as much as possible certain colors like yellow or orange being key aspects in this regard.

Also, choosing a color or black-and-white tattoo can also depend on the model itself of the drawing. For example, images of flowers are recommended to be made in colors, because only in this way can their beauty be captured, while tribal models are indicated to be made only in black and white.

At Funky Tattoo you can get color tattoos and black and grey tattoos.

Whether you’re going for color tattoos or black and grey tattoos, at Funky Tattoo you can always find the right artists for making both types of tattoos.

You can come with the sketch, or we will put our minds to contour it, then we move on to the real job – we tattoo your final drawing. Of course, we will help you decide between color tattoos and black and grey tattoos, giving you useful tips and suggestions on how your tattoo would look better depending on the pattern you want, and of course, the shade of your skin. So, if you want a successful tattoo and results as expected, we expect you to Funky Tattoo!

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