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A form of expression, an important moment, a means of materialization of feelings and emotions, that one thing that makes you go further, a tribute, a memory kept both in mind and body, a work of art; in a word: the tattoo, in short: how many tattoo designs, so many meanings. When you decide to get a tattoo, there are 3 essentials: first, what you choose from the many tattoo designs, the significance you want it to have, and last but not least, its location.

Next, you need a talented artist, who really knows how to draw on the skin with a vibrating needle, and who is able to gather all your crazed ideas and desires, to combine them, “grind” into a sketch the final one, and later it shapes in the most successful form. To facilitate your mission of choosing a tattoo, we come up with ideas, proposals, information and models of tattoos; and to turn your dream into reality, we are waiting for you in our saloon, Funky Tattoo, for inspired, personalized and funky tattoos.

Girl Tattoos

Nowadays, more and more ladies are crossing the threshold of tattoo parlors, which clearly proves that the period when only men tattooed is long gone. In the category of models of girl tattoos, most popular are those drawings that express the femininity, delicacy, elegance and sensuality characteristic of fairer sex. As practical examples of girl tattoos, and the most popular by the way, are: flowers (especially roses), butterflies, stars, bows, feathers, fairies, zodiac signs, pin-up girls, diamonds, hearts, quotes and Chinese symbols.

Normally, such girl tattoos are small in size, which, of course, does not apply in all cases, the final size of a tattoo being influenced in particular by the complexity of the drawing and the place where it is to be placed. Some areas of the body that are indicated for girl tattoos, include: the back of the neck, shoulder blades, wrists, thighs, abdomen, ankles and foot.

Arm Tattoos

Without a doubt some of the most sought after, hand tattoo designs are preferred precisely because of this area of ​​the body that offers more options for tattoo placement: wrist, inner forearm, outer side from elbow to shoulder, or actually the whole arm, the so-called sleeves. Also, these hand tattoos offer more options and when it comes to the size of the drawing, its complexity, and last but not least, the possibility of coverage, respectively leaving it in view.

Preferred by both boys and girls, these arm tattoos can be extended on the shoulder blades or chest, giving birth to true works of art, of considerable size. It is one of the favorite tattooing areas of artists, the pain level being tolerable, of course, if we do not talk about the inside of the hand, for example, where the skin is thinner. The arm tattoo models give the artist plenty of room for him to make fine details of the drawing, and implicitly a successful tattoo.

Back Tattoos

Easier to cover than tattoos on the arm can only be the models of back tattoos which, due to the available space, ensures the creation of large drawings, with a high level of complexity and many artistic details well highlighted, which make the difference. You can choose back tattoos that cover this entire part of your body, or tattoos in certain areas, such as the shoulder blades or lower back. The making of back tattoos can be painful especially at the level of the spine and ribs, due to the lack of muscles and fat.

Regarding the back tattoo designs, the options are countless, starting from tribal tattoos, Chinese letters along the spine and long quotes, to individual drawings that tell more stories, Japanese models (dragons, tigers, koi fish, samurai, cherry blossoms, etc.), often preferred as back tattoos, or any other large image, which contains many details.

Leg Tattoos

The main advantage of leg tattoo models is the possibility of covering them; in other words, you can have a large, unobtrusive tattoo at the same time, which “sees” the light of day only when you want it. In the case of boys, the most popular leg tattoos are those placed on the foot, while the girls prefer the tattoos on the thighs, which beautifully highlight this area, the foot and the ankle, respectively, the latter being extremely sensual, “matching” great with a pair of high heels.

Color or black and grey, simple or complex, of different sizes, when it comes to leg tattoos, the offer available is generous precisely because of this area of ​​the body that allows the choice of any tattoo design.

Color Tattoos

For the lively people, who always see the bright side, we recommend making color tattoos, which inspires and enchants the eyes of anyone. If you want to draw attention, it is not necessary to choose a large tattoo; opt for color tattoos in matching shades, and the effect is guaranteed. In some cases, the introduction of color is essential when you want to emphasize certain areas of the tattoo; so you can choose between full color tattoos, or color tattoos with just one color stain, as much as needed to get the desired effect.

And sometimes, just by using colors, the real beauty of the tattooed element can be reproduced on the body, and here we talk in particular about flowers and everything related to nature, animals, insects, etc. When you opt for color tattoos, the opinion of a skilled artist regarding the right shades for your skin is essential in order to get a successful tattoo. The intensity of the colors is best rendered on a white or tan skin.

Forearm Tattoos

The models of forearm tattoos are especially preferred by men, being a place chosen by them, in particular because of the visibility offered by the chosen design. It represents an easy to tattoo area because it is a smooth surface, “free” from the prominence of the bones such as the ribs or spine. The most sought after forearm tattoos are those made on the inside of it, where the actual tattoo can extend from the wrist to the level of the elbow joint.

Equally popular are those forearm tattoos that portray Chinese characters, short names or mottos. Before tattooing this area of ​​your arm, you need to think very carefully because despite the fact that they can be easily hidden under a long sleeve blouse, this can be a problem in the summer, if you want to achieve this thing. Although specific to men, these forearm tattoos are also preferred by the representatives of the fairer sex.

Name or Writing Tattoos

On the principle: the classic will never become obsolete, we can say that the so-called name tattoos will not know too soon the period when they will no longer be required by the clients. Name tattoos refer to any combination of letters, in any language, which can reproduce names of a person, musical groups, etc., mottos or longer quotes. In other words, as the case may be, these tattoos name represent the supreme proof of love towards a person, respectively the best way to motivate or encourage themselves (depending on the tattooed message).

It is worth mentioning that the tattoos with the name of the partner are, in other words, “a big no no” for reasons already known: love passes, the tattoo remains. Due to the many fonts available, when it comes to name tattoos, there are countless possibilities from which the client can choose according to their preferences. Also, name tattoo patterns can be placed anywhere on the body.

Neck Tattoos

In terms of neck tattoos, the most sought after models are those made on the nape, the latter being preferred especially by the girls, because it offers the possibility of covering the tattoo by simply leaving the hair behind. Other models of neck tattoos are those on the side, or just below the ear.

The neck is one of the most exposed areas of the body, therefore tattooing it is an important decision, which has to be calculated and thought from all points of view, because these tattoos can create problems at work, and generally negative reactions throughout the body. societies, much of it still having the same feeling and the “good” opinion about tattoos. Such neck tattoos are not recommended for those who are about to get their first tattoo. Despite these things, the demand for tattoos still exists, and these requests come from both men and women, being among the most diverse: color or black and grey images, but also quotes, names, etc.

Chinese tattoos

The reasons why Chinese tattoos are preferred by such a large number of people are obvious: the symbolic letters and art of this culture represent very good models for the tattoo. Tattoos containing Chinese letters have graceful lines that make them suitable for the art of tattooing. Of course, if you intend to opt for a Chinese tattoo, you must choose your words carefully, making sure that they have the right meaning and not the wrong one. In the Funky Tattoo saloon, this will not be a problem, as our artists are reproducing them correctly.

Funky Tattoo: a group of artists who fulfill dreams

We know that we are not the only tattoo parlor in Bucharest, but this has not prevented us until now to create an impressive portfolio of tattoo designs, to draw with the needle and ink on the body of countless people who have passed our threshold, to fulfill hundreds of dreams, in short, to make our name known in the field.

We managed this in a very simple way, because we like what we do and we have a talented team, a group of skilled artists, whose hands (and tattoo machines), create true works of art. We answer “present” whether it is simple tattoo designs or complex tattoo designs, thus accepting any challenge in this regard.

But which tattoo saloon is not recommended as the best? We tell you just that: we are available to make girl tattoos, arm tattoos, back tattoos, leg tattoos, color tattoos, black and grey tattoos, forearm tattoos, name tattoos and neck tattoos. And to convince you of all the above, we are waiting for you in the Funky Tattoo saloon … period.

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