Tattoos for males

Over time, tattoos have been permanently enriched with various execution styles, depending on each person’s preferences and requirements. Also, another fact that has led to the diversification of styles is that of the apparition of new tattooing technologies. Of course, this is also about the experience of the artist who makes them. For new men’s tattoos or for women tattoos, in the most varied and complex shapes and sizes, we invite you to cross the threshold of the Funky Tattoo saloon in Bucharest.

What models of men’s tattoos do you choose?

There are several styles in which these men’s tattoos can be made so that you can choose the one that best meets your preferences and tastes. First of all, you have to decide what you want the tattoo you’re about to print on your skin for the rest of your life to look like. Secondly, you have to decide on the area to be tattooed. After that, you have to think about whether it’s going to be a black and white tattoo or made with color pigments. Among the existing tattoo styles, we list: Japanese/Chinese style (involving the use of various color shades and traditional motifs), funny tattoos (from comic-themed drawings and films), fantasy (mythical creatures), 3D tattoos (use of shadows, distancing images, rounding them, cracks, openings), etc.

For special men’s tattoos, come to Funky Tattoo!

It is interesting that men and women choose different areas of the body to tattoo them, not to mention the tattoo models they choose for. Most men choose to get tattooed in visible places, while females opt for the least visible.

You should know that regardless of the area of the body you want to tattoo or the pattern and size of the drawing, funky tattoo specialists will live up to the highest expectations in terms of the actual execution of tattoos.

Funky Tattoo – your best saloon for men’s tattoos!

You should know that by choosing as a supplier of these services, the risk of getting sick and contacting serious diseases is zero. Funky Tattoo is an authorized saloon that complies with the sanitary rules laid down by law to provide maximum comfort and safety to its customers. Our prices are more than advantageous, which you will only convince yourself of.

If you want to get yourself some impressive men’s tattoos, Funky Tattoo is the perfect choice from all points of view. Here you will meet a team that will track that in all the operations they perform, you will achieve full satisfaction. We show professionalism, promptness, efficiency, creativity, flexibility and seriousness. We listen carefully to your wishes and fulfill them in an optimal way, giving you exceptional results that really surprise you.

If you need further details regarding the tattoing activity we are doing in our fully equipped saloon in Bucharest, do not hesitate to contact our experts. No matter how high your expectations are, we assure you that they will be fulfilled in a professional way!

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