Piercing Bucharest

At FunkyTattoo saloon
you can choose body piercing!

If you are interested in body piercings, you should pay special attention to choosing the saloon in which you will perform it so that you are not at risk of contacting various diseases or infections. Funky Tattoo has a permit to operate because it complies with the health rules and all legislative regulations in force in this field of activity

By passing the threshold of our saloon in Bucharest, you will be happy to find that it is a clean and sanitized location, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and sterilized utensils at every intervention. The lighting system is just as important as the equipment used for body piercings and tattoos.

Also, the person who will handle the operation itself will be one with which you will be able to communicate easily and in the presence of which you will feel comfortable.

Workmanship piercing prices

In the following rows, you'll find a price list for piercing workmanship:

  • Industrial piercing price: 120 RON
  • Earlobe piercing price: 60 RON
  • Children earlobe ( 0 -16 old) piercing price: 100 RON
  • Bridge piercing price: 100 RON
  • Eyebrow piercing price: 80 RON
  • Lip piercing price: 80 RON
  • Smiley piercing price: 80 RON
  • Nose piercing price: 80 RON
  • Septum piercing price: 100 RON
  • Belly piercing price: 100 RON
  • Cartilage piercing price: 80 RON
  • Conch piercing price: 100 RON
  • Snug piercing price: 120 RON
  • Tragus piercing price: 100 RON
  • Rook piercing price: 120 RON
  • Flat piercing price: 100 RON
  • Tongue piercing price: 100 RON
  • Snake Tongue piercing price: 150 RON
  • Nipple piercing price: 120 RON
  • Female private piercing price: 200 RON
  • Male private piercing price: 350 RON
  • Private piercing change price: 60 RON
  • Cheek piercing price: 100 RON
  • Surface piercing price: 120 RON
  • Complete micro dermal price: 250 RON
  • Workmanship change,
    repairing, cleaning price
    : 30 RON

  • Stainless steel medicine earrings: 60-100 RON
  • Titanium earrings price: 60-150 RON
  • PFTE prices: 60-100 RON

*the price of the Workmanship doesn't include jewelry

Body Piercing
a way of beautification

This body beautification technique originates in a distant past, the current trend being only a readaptation to ancient traditions. For example, the earring in the tongue worn by the Mayans and Aztecs made them believe that they could get closer to the gods, and the earring in the nose worn by the Egyptians marked the transition from childhood to adulthood.

These are just two examples that denote that piercing has a distant past. Currently, belly piercing accentuates the sensuality of women, and the earring in the tongue is unisex.

Along with tattoos, body piercing is another way to express your personality, to make you noticed in a society that tends to change its conception of body beautification.

Piercing made in optimal conditions at Funky Tattoo!

The well-trained and competent staff of our saloon will make sure to provide you with all medical information concerning the body piercing process. Of course, there are a number of steps to be followed exactly: disinfection of the area to be perforated; cleaning with an antiseptic product the utensils and earring that will be placed on the body of clients for the destruction of bacteria and germs. We work in hygienic conditions, with disposable gloves. If you have any questions about this operation, we will respond promptly.

How do you prevent infections caused by piercings?

Just as our specialists take all necessary measures to work in excellent conditions to be able to provide you with results as you can, so do you, those who turn to our services for the creation of tattoos and body piercings, You have to make sure it doesn't get infected.

For body piercings, the following precautions must be taken: wear perfectly clean clothes, avoid pools, saunas and public baths because there are safe sources of bacteria, do not sleep on the side on which you have the piercing can open, perforating all skin, care products should not touch the perforated area, etc. They will be specified to you by our staff when you decide to opt for body piercings and tattoos respectively.

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