Back tattoos: go big or go home!

“If you’re going to do something, at least do it right”; an expression that leads us to give everything we can, and to do everything we can to achieve great things, and not perfunctory. “If you’re getting a tattoo, at least make it big” it might be the right adaptation of that expression when it comes to tattoos, or rather, back tattoos.

The advantage of the back tattoo models

If you want a large, complex tattoo with many details, we recommend that you turn to the tattoo models back, the only area of the body that allows the creation of artworks on a high scale in terms of dimensions.

Based on the full sleeve model of arm tattoos, you can choose a full back tattoo that covers the whole back. Whether it’s a single tattoo or several models that, mind you, are indicated to have a connection between them, tattoos all over the back simply delight any look. Reason?

Due to the size, the rear tattoo models accurately capture the fine details specific to the chosen drawing. A detailed tattoo is a special, almost real tattoo that beautifies this area of the body, whether it is women or men, both sexes “piling up” in the specialized saloons for the making of such models.

Tips in choosing tattoo models back

Because it is a shame not to make the most of this surface of the body, or on the contrary, to waste it by putting an image the size of a coin right in the middle of your back, we recommend that you stay away from those small back tattoos. Of course, there is always a life-saving solution to cover, but this would mean additional costs and a pain that you eventually put up with for nothing, that is, the first tattoo.

If you opt for full back tattoos, one model, think carefully what it will be because the coating option is almost impossible, and laser or other removal techniques a long, painful and very expensive process. If you want to cover your back with multiple tattoos, as mentioned, make sure they are from the same story, in other words, do not draw a goat, a saxophone, a truck, some Chinese letters and a cross just to cover your back; You risk ending with a “beautiful” back, which you’d better keep under your shirt all the time.

In both cases, think of images, symbols or quotes (depending on what you want to tattoo), which really means something to you, which represents you or has a particular purpose: to celebrate an important moment in life, to achieve a tribute to someone you love etc.

Uninspired in terms of back tattoos? Come to Funky Tattoo!

As for models of back tattoos and tattoos in general, the most appropriate person who can guide you in making the best choice is not the mother (clearly), neither the girlfriend nor the best friend, but the tattoo artist, because he has the knowledge and experience needed to find the perfect solution that will surely please you in every way.

Like any other self-respecting tattoo saloon, Funky Tattoo has a catalogue of back tattoo patterns from which you can inspire yourself. Then one of the Funky Tattoo artists comes into play who not only “polishes” your ideas, but also puts them into practice, giving birth to works of art right on your back.

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