Arm tattoos

At first glance, this question may seem a little strange because, isn’t it, if we’re talking about arm tattoos, it’s clear the body area where the artist is going to draw with the needle.

But when you decided to choose your arm as a place for tattooing, there are certain aspects you should know about this area, which will certainly help you make a final decision, both in terms of the exact area of location of the and the model itself.

Types of arm tattoos

When we talk about types of arm tattoos, we refer primarily to the tattooing possibilities that this area of the body ensures in terms of location. In other words, for arms tattoos, we can choose the wrist area, forearm, both the inner and outer part of it, the bicep, the shoulder-to-elbow area, and the shoulder itself, and for the undecided, there is always the sleeve, or full sleeve, which covers the whole arm.

If the wrist represents one of the favorite places of girls as arm tattoos, the other areas are indicated for both boys and the latter. In choosing the place, you also need to take into account how visible you want your tattoo to be. If you want a tattoo that you can cover whenever you want or need it, opt for the side from side up. Of course, with a hoodie or a long-sleeved blouse, no one will realize you have tattoos from side to bottom.

Besides, it is also the main advantage of arm tattoo models: you can hide or leave them in plain sight according to the desire of the heart, or if applicable, the situation.

Arm tattoo patterns

As for arm tattoo patterns, they are extremely varied and range from color or black and white images to names, quotes and other writings of this kind. The hand represents a fairly generous area compared to others on the body, which offers the possibility of making complex drawings, with many details.

The size of the tattoo on the arm varies depending on its exact placement area. Thus, a tattoo on the wrist will be from the start smaller compared to one on the forearm for example. In choosing the right size, the complexity of the image must also be taken into account: a drawing with many details and shades of colors must be larger for the latter to be rendered as clear and accurate as possible.

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