Leg Tattoos

According to the principle: if it’s not arm, then let it be the foot, nowadays many of those who decide to get tattooed turn their attention to the leg tattoo patterns, due to the easy possibility of hiding them whenever they want.

Besides visibility control, another advantage of tattoos per leg refers to the many areas where they can be made, which varies depending on one thing: whether you are male or female.

Leg Tattoos: Areas Preferred by girls

For leg tattoos, it has been noticed that girls tend to opt for ankles, foot and thighs desired tattoo placement areas.

Because a fine ankle is best valued by a tattoo, the ladies choose for this purpose butterflies, musical notes, fairies, models that resemble bracelets or even rosaries with crosses. An ankle tattoo confers sensuality and beauty, and if it’s “climbed” on a pedestal, i.e. some heels, it’s impossible not to attract attention.

As for the foot, it can be said that this area is recommended exclusively for women, because only they have the ability to bear the pain that comes with the tattooing process. Because it is an area without fat and muscle, the intensity of pain can be unbearable for men, who generally sit worse in terms of pain tolerance when it comes to tattooing.

And last but not least, the thigh area represents another favorite place of ladies in terms of foot tattoos, a very inspiring choice if we think such a tattoo highlights the forms, being highly appreciated by men.

Leg Tattoos: Areas Preferred by men

If the representatives of the fairer sex choose the ankles, the foot and thighs as leg tattoos, men turn to the calf area, i.e. the sides and front of it. The calf is also one of the areas preferred by artists because it is a stretched, soft area, perfect for tattooing, which also allows the creation of complex tattoos, ideal in size.

Leg tattoos for men tend to be black and white, but popular among them are also color ones; of course, this aspect varies depending on the preferences and model of the tattooed image. For example, a tribal tattoo is always black, while color use can be the ideal way when you want to create a contrast or highlight certain areas of the tattoo.

Leg Tattoos with Funky Tattoo ink.

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